Professional business translation is extracting the exact meaning of source text and accurately expresses it into target language. Even though it is creation of s new content, the translation conveys the same meaning and invokes the same reaction as the original. An accurate translation would help your business to communicate the message in a way that can be correctly understood by a target nation and culture.

Bespoke Translation Project

At EKO 4professional business translation, we know what quality and value for money are important to you, and we took them into consideration, when building our uniquely efficient translation process. We are always searching for better technology and ways to improve our services. We can provide you with exactly what you need, while still meeting all of your deadlines. We have a clear understanding of what is required from us, allowing the work process to flow much smoothly. We take security and confidentiality measures seriously. In our daily work, we often deal with sensitive information, and take great care to protect it with secure cloud technologies and dedicated document servers. We have also created distinct confidentiality and security policies, and work under strict legal responsibilities.

Paying for professional business translation?

Almost every established company has an international team, so why pay for professional business translation services? Translated content that has not been professionally handled can be embarrassing, and can even put your success and reputation at risk. There are countless examples of incorrect translation gaffes, all of which occurred because the content was not entrusted to professionals. At EKO 4 Translations, we know how important a translation may be, that is why we provide you with our experienced team of professional linguists and advanced tech and workflow processes. This guarantees that your translated content will have the highest quality possible. We aim for complete precision, which translates into a meaningful target language translation free of any stylistic, spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors.

Language groups

There are different language groups, which arrange languages by geographic region and degree of prevalence. The most common languages, among which are European languages, have lower translation costs. Asian and African languages are more likely to be expensive, due to their lower usage frequency. The UK translation standard is to charge per word, but if the target language of the translation falls within the Southeast Asian group, charges per character may apply. Our translation company provides proofreading, which is included in the base price. Fees may increase in the case of urgent translation work and special terminology, such as that used in technical, legal, financial, medical and training materials.

Localization and marketing

Creating impactful marketing and website localisation requires creativity and in-depth knowledge of the local culture and the industry in question. The common/urban dictionary expressions used in your translated text are uniquely selected to fit your purpose and target audience. The specialized translation services we offer include tailoring your whole content to fit the ethics and culture of its target audience. We can also help you understand the culture before committing to an offer. The work may follow a specific community style, integrate jargon or terminology. In some cases, parts of the translation may also involve localisation.

Bespoke Translation Project

Paying for professional business translation?

Language groups

Localization and marketing

Translating your professional language needs into a success

Translating in 82 Languages

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Our resource pool combines in-house and globally allocated, highly skilled native speaking linguists, who allow us to handle a broad range of foreign languages translations. We make certain that we only work with the best, and employ a specially designed 3-stage assessment process for determining proficiency, continuous review and re-evaluation. Our sophisticated project management enables us to work on large-scale business translation projects.

Variety of 32 terminologies

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We are equipped to handle different types of professional terminology. Translating niche fields of specialization involves knowledge and experience. In order to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction, which is crucial in all industries, we impose daily work with TMs and up-to-date dictionaries. The team of translators selected for the bespoke business translation project have skills, experience and education relevant to your content’s industry. While processing special terminology projects, we create greater impact on readers and give them a better understanding of the field by properly transferring the message to the target professional audience.

Econ price from £0.06 per word

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With our deep understanding of the business translations , we are able to provide you with lower prices, making business translations more affordable without compromising quality. We can handle your large-volume business translation project, processing up to 11 000 words per day. We use simultaneous business translation systems and complex mix of in-house, purely UK and international translators. This enables us to instantly assemble a team of native speakers with high proficiency in the field, producing an accurate and cost-effective business translation.

Express 24 hour service

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Our experience in working with large projects and short turnaround times allows us to provide you with reliable service, even when deadlines are tight. Responding quickly to urgent matters is possible with our proprietary multiword platform, which allows for simultaneous translation and proofreading. In other words, the editing team is checking, editing and reading right after the main translation team, making the business translation process much faster. This gives us the opportunity to provide you with a quality-checked business translation twice as quickly, saving you time and guaranteeing that your business translation will have the highest quality possible.

Quality guaranteed

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Translation accuracy and purpose retention are what matters most, when it comes to business translations. Accuracy translates into a strict and tight to the source text, regardless of the sector in question. When submitting your tailored translation project to us, you could expect an accurate, error-free business translation, which conveys to your target audience the same meaning as the original. We are confident in our 5-stage quality approval process, and provide you with a free 25-day business translation guarantee, taking care of any mistakes and even giving you 100% of your money back.

Excellent customer service

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We offer personalised customer service and FREE professional consultation, because we are always listening and want to help you in a simple and polite manner. We try to better understand your demands, in order to give you the best advice on making the optimal economic decision and help you choose the best option for your project. We maintain a high level of project communication, in order to always get the best results. We are always there, even after the project is complete. Our after-service customer support, where you will find the same excellent care and support you received during the project’s initiation, is what differentiates us from our competitors. We value our customers and they are always our first priority.

Translate English into Italian and get a FREE DTP and TEXT FORMATTING
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Advanced FORMATTING SERVICES for Localisation or Desktop publishing

Desktop publishing DTP

  • Access

  • Adobe Acrobat (for PDF files)

  • Corel Ventura Publisher

  • Excel

  • FrameMaker

  • Illustrator

  • InDesign

  • Macromedia Freehand

  • PageMaker

  • PhotoShop

  • PowerPoint

  • QuarkXPress

  • Scripting languages such as ASP, JSP, INC, HTML, SGML and XML

  • Word

Website localization

  • ASP

  • JSP

  • INC

  • HTML

  • SGML

  • XML

FREE DTP formatting for all business translations exceeding 16 000 words

EKO 4 German business Translation

Translate English into German and get regular service at the price of slow/relaxed turnaround time


WE VALUE our customers and have various options to help them SAVE

  • No minimum charge

    We are not charging a minimum fee or for minimum amount of words on business translation, bringing you the best value.

  • Price discounts

    Additional price discounts on business translations exceeding 8 400 words.

  • Free consultation

    Get help in complicated situations for free

  • Text conversion

    Price inquiries for non-editable content and business translation into editable formats, without any added fees

  • Text formatting

    Special formatting of complex tables and forms, without added fees

  • Free scan and send via email

    We do not charge additionally for scan and send via email service for your business translation


Our 5 stage quality assurance and service policy

Pre-Translation Preparations – Project Manager
  • Correct up-front determination of client requirements
  • Assignment of a competent business translation team
  • Setting terminology and accuracy standarts
  • Business translation preparation, including text analysis and master content preparation
Consistent Business translation – Translation with a Team Leader
  • Adequate translation software tools to handle the job
  • Set up a simultaneous translation platform, regulated by the team leader
  • Building a custom dictionary for the project (optional)
  • Business translation preparation, including text analysis and master content preparation
Proofreading – Тeam Leader and Proofreader
  • Checking, proofing and revising the business translations before final delivery
  • Lost in translation reverse reading
  • Content and terminology proficiency check
  • Meaning and expression review and approval
  • Spelling and grammar check
Editing – Тeam Leader and Project Manager
  • Professional stylistic editing of translated content
  • Consistency and referencing
  • Approval of all the reviews
Formatting – Project Manager
  • Additional target language reverse business translation (optional)
  • DTP or Website localization files preparation (optional)
  • Submission to the web development or marketing department (optional)
  • Ensuring quality of added-value services
  • Phisycal environment – equipment/personnel
  • Timely customer support
  • Performing agreed-upon service dependably and acurately
  • Knowledgeable, trustworthy and courteous staff, in which we have full confidence
  • Personalised service and caring attitude

Quality Assurance

Translation service process

We are aware of how important a translation may be, that is why we take our work seriously

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The rapidly developing COVID-19 situation is creating enormous disruption in our communities and around the world. As the number of individuals infected with COVID-19 continues to rise worldwide, we at the translation offices of EKO 4 Translation Services are taking all necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of our staff and clients, while also working to ensure our legal team is available to help you with your translation needs.

Effective March 23th, our company has instructed its certified translators and staff to work remotely until the shelter in place is lifted. Our technical team has fully prepared us for this move and we are fully prepared to operate remotely in order to continue meeting your legal needs.

Our company remains committed to providing clients with award-winning customer service and for all your language translation needs. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. If we do not answer your phone call please leave a message as we are constantly monitoring our mailing system and voice mail. We will respond to all emails and voice messages, just as if we were still sitting in our office.

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