Certified Official Translation Service

100% guaranteed acceptance rate
Award winning brand established back in 1991
72 languages and 114 types of documents
24h Expedited turnaround time

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Certifified Document Translation Service

✓ 100% guaranteed acceptance rate
✓ Award winning brand established back in 1991
✓ 72 languages and 114 types of documents
✓ 24h Expedited turnaround time

Certifified Document Translation Service

✓ 100% guaranteed acceptance rate
✓ Award winning brand established back in 1991
✓ 72 languages and 114 types of documents
✓ 24h Expedited turnaround time
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If you are planning to study, live or work in the UK or moving from the UK overseas, you must first have certified translations of all your necessary documents. We are a multi award winning translation company, our experience in helping many clients with certification and translation dates back to 1991. We put profound effort into every document entrusted to us for official or certified translation. We pay special attention to the specific type of document, the country/organisation for which it is intended, names, figures, lists and addresses. Our service has a 100% acceptance rate to any UK body or to 89 countries around the world.

When Do I Need Official Document Translation

Official translation document translation service is mostly required by non-governmental organisations. It requires certain work handling which differs according to the original document’s specifics and intent. When a document is officially translated, the content copyright is transferred to you upon delivery, so you are free to use it as you wish. It`s very important that process is handled with care as an accurately certified document translation is the key to your success.

What Certified Translation Service Means

If you need to submit documents in different than the official language to any governmental organisation in the UK or overseas, all of your relevant documentation needs a certified translation. Eko 4 Global Services is an accredited translation company that works with the best team of sworn translators and solicitors in the UK. This type of translation process requires advanced handling. First the official document translation is printed on official EKO 4 Translations letterhead. Then it`s signed and sworn translator with a declaration of authenticity, who testifies to the truthfulness of the translation and original document with an authenticity certificate. This is then affixed to the original document. Depending on the case, a notarised copy of the original can be affixed to the translation or several documents can be bound together. After this procedure is completed, your official document translation becomes  certified translationready to be taken to the Home Office, Court etc, or submitted for Apostille certification for overseas.

Document translation for overseas uses

Properly translating business documents to be presented before overseas authorities, can be a complex and confusing process. We approach official and certified translation with great care, paying close attention to the purpose and how it fits with international regulations. Some countries have stricter regulations on foreign document translation than other, and may require additional embassy certifications. Our translation agency has many years of experience preparing different types of documents for more than 50 countries. When it comes to translating a document online, Eko 4 Translation Services provides a reliable and cost-effective way.

Translating foreign documents

An accurate document translation, formatted and edited in a manner that official bodies accept, is vital. We approach certified translation with great care, paying close attention to the purpose and how it fits with any UK governmental body, school, college or university regulations. Our great service has been rewarded with awards by the largest business organisation in the UK, with a saying in the government, the federation of small businesses, which is a proof of our credibility. We are constantly improving the efficiency and quality of the services we provide. Choosing EKO 4 Global Services today is a choice of your success!

When Do I Need Official Document Translation

What Is Certified Translation

Document Translation Services for overseas use

Translating foreign documents for the Home Office, Court

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 Six reasons why to choose EKO 4 certified translation service 

100% acceptance rate translation

100% Acceptance guaranteed 

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100% Accepted Rate - Translation

Getting a document translated and certified for the Home Office or any other governmental ministerial or non ministerial department in the UK is our daily work. EKO 4`s certified translations have been also accepted by any of the other institution or non-governmental organisation in the country. Translating a UK document for the rest of the world is something we have handled many times. With a current count of 89 countries accepted our translations, we have a vast  knowledge of delivering your document ready to be submitted to the relevant authorities in the country of your choice.
Confidential and secure translation service

Confidentiality & Security

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We are a translation agency that ensure your sensitive document information is kept confidential with highly secure in-house techniques and methods through the certified translation process. We have a strict security policy, consistent with the GDPR for holding  and disposing your data to which we hold all of our personnel legally accountable. We also employ very strict digital measures that help us care for all of your very important documents. Our systems are SSL and 256-bit encrypted. The offices we use have 24h CCTV and live guards for security.
Award winning translation agency UK

Award Winning Customer Service

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With more than 27 years of international experience in certified translation , we always treat our customers with care and a friendly demeanour. We provide free consultation about official document translation , to help you make the best decision according to your specific needs. We are a translation company that provides excellent pre-project and on-project communication. Our aim is to a build long-lasting relationship with our clients, and provide them with outstanding post-completion support, when necessary.
Best Price Promise certified translation

Best Price Promise 

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When it comes to certified translation, we constantly research the market,  providing you with the best, most attractive and flexible translation rates. Depending on the number of pages, type of the document and turnaround time, we always strive to give you the best price in honest manner. Translate document online at EKO 4  and  save money with our fixed pricing and no minimum spend requirement. For some document types, where large parts are repeated, we can even do additional price discounts. There are no extra fees or hidden and unspoken charges.
Quick Turnaround Certified Translation

Quick turnaround  24h-48h

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Delivering your certified document translation in time is essential. We understand that, and our translators and project managers are ready to satisfy all of your demands in a quick 24-48h hour document translation service. Lengthy documents, which need urgent translation, can also be processed with the help of our unique translation team and technological advantage.
Quality Translation Service

Quality Guaranteed

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Eko 4 Translations uses sophisticated project management systems and special dictionaries for professional terminology, to always provide you with an accurate official document translation. Unlike most other companies, we have project managers and team leaders located in the UK, and a number of in-house translation teams. Only the most experienced, qualified certified translators are picked, native speakers in the target language and specialists in the certain type of certified document translation.We do a review by second translator even at our base price to ensure precise translation and greater value for your money.

Please contact us for a free consultation, free quote, via phone /  from Monday to Friday 9AM-7PM or if you are looking for document translation services near me

EKO 4 Certified Translation Language expertise covering
72 languages

All of our experienced and accredited UK certified translators have degrees in linguistics or philology, and have passed our 3-stage grading system for approval and verification. We have built longstanding relationships with all of our reliable translators, and use native speakers from the UK and around the globe for proofreading.

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Please contact us for a free consultation, free quote, via phone /  from Monday to Friday 9AM-7PM or if you are looking for document translation services near me

AS LOW AS £45.00

3-4 working days regular turnaround time – £45.00 per page (up to 250 words)

24h expedited turnaround time – £55.00 per page (up to 250 words)


Both prices include:

  • Professional translation by a sworn bi-lingual philologist

  • Additional native speaking proof-reader

  • Editing

  • Formatting

  • Company accuracy/authenticity of the translation certification

  • Sending a sealed document as a digital PDF in 24-72h

  • Posting hard copy for additional charge of £10 per page

More than 114 official documents 
EKO 4 translations UK service round the clock

EKO 4 has experience in certified translation of more than 114 types of personal or business documents with varying subject matter and purpose. Our certified translation procedures for processing such documents guarantee that the target content looks as close to the original as possible with all special formatting and formal terminology.

  • Adoption Certificates
  • Affidavit
  • Authorisation Letter
  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Name Change
  • Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage
  • Civil partnership certificate
  • Criminal records bureau check
  • Death certificate
  • Decree Absolute or Decree Nisi
  • Department of Health document
  • Doctor’s medical letter
  • Government issued document
  • High Court of Justice document
  • HM Revenue and Customs document & Letters
  • Last will and testament
  • Marriage Records Certificate
  • Police Certificates ACPO, ACRO, CRB’s
  • Power of Attorney
  • Test results & Medical
  • AD01 Address Form
  • Affidavit
  • AP01 Director Form
  • AR01 Annual Return
  • Articles of Association
  • Authorisation Letter
  • Certificate of freesale
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Certificate of Incumbency
  • Certificate of memorandum
  • CH01 Director Form
  • Companies House document
  • Export certificate
  • HM Revenue and Customs document
  • LLP Incorporation Forms
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Partnership document
  • Power of Attorney
  • Tax Return
  • Academic Degrees
  • Apprenticeship & Indenture Certificate
  • Awards
  • Educational certificate (UK)
  • Letter from an employer
  • Letter of enrolment
  • Level, A Level
  • Membership Certificates
  • NVQ
  • PGCE & QTS
  • Professional Documents
  • Professional Qualifications
  • Reference from an employer
  • Supplement
  • TEFL/CELTA/TESOL documents
  • Training Certificates
  • Transcripts
  • Certificate of Residence
  • Fingerprints documen
  • Fit note (from adoctor)
  • Islamic Marriage Certificates
  • Other identity Document
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Bank
  • Statements
  • Utility bills
  • Proof of address
  • Other identity documents
  • Bills of Sale
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Religious document
  • Utility bill
  • Name change deed or document

Our process of ordering a certified document translation is easy from start to finish

We can deliver your official or certified translation via:

  • Email – Instant delivery of the translation on a secure PDF file via your email
  • Local Postage – Next day delivery to your preferred address
  • Local Postage – Within 72 hours and FREE service
  • International postage – Within 72 hours, regardless of where you are

Certified Document Translation
Frequently Asked Questions

What free professional consultation does EKO 4 Translations UK provide?

Our excellent and experienced customer service representatives will help you and give you the best advice possible.

How is document translation analysis done?

Analysing the submitted documents, calculating price rates and giving you the best offer for your translation.

How does EKO 4 Translations do project management?

Assembling the proper translation team for your bespoke translation project, and preparing the simultaneous cloud environment.

What is the translation process at EKO 4 Translations UK?

Our professional linguists, who are native speakers of the target language, use a wide database of approved translation templates and advanced terminology dictionaries.

What are the EKO 4 Translations UK proofreading and editing procedures?

A UK-accredited translator proofreads and edits the translation, preparing it for certification.

Does EKO 4 Translations UK do formatting and printing of the translations?

The project manager formats the document in accordance with international law requirements and prints it on a letterhead, complete with a stamp and an authenticity certificate.

What is certifying/swearing of a translation?

Swearing of translation for overseas uses. Our solicitors certify the translation with their signature, stamp and the date. The document is now ready for the FCO and official usage.

How does EKO 4 Translations UK deliver nationally and internationally document translations?

Delivering the documents directly to your door via select postage/courier service.


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Effective March 23th, our company has instructed its certified translators and staff to work remotely until the shelter in place is lifted. Our technical team has fully prepared us for this move and we are fully prepared to operate remotely in order to continue meeting your legal needs.

Our company remains committed to providing clients with award-winning customer service and for all your language translation needs. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. If we do not answer your phone call please leave a message as we are constantly monitoring our mailing system and voice mail. We will respond to all emails and voice messages, just as if we were still sitting in our office.

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